Darren's Story - HMRC Fines & Back Taxes

  • Posted on: 23 December 2021
  • By: Rachael

This is Darren.

When we met him, he hadn’t filed his taxes for over four years.

He had been suffering from depression and ignored the problem. Rather than submit his self-assessments, he threw money at the fines and tax estimates- to the detriment of his finances. During the time it took him to seek help for his mental health, his tax situation got worse.

He was now under investigation by HMRC. More anxious than ever, Darren reached out to us to help. The first thing we did was reassure him.

You’ve come to the right place; together, we’re going to fix this.

The relief he felt just knowing someone was going to get everything in order. We worked through the records he had, piecing together the different businesses he had run over the past years and got everything up to date. Unsurprisingly he owed much less tax than the “estimates” HMRC had applied.

Then we tackled the fines.

Explaining Darren’s circumstances and taking the proper steps to engage an accountant to deal with his affairs we convinced HMRC to refund all his fines.

This was a fantastic outcome; we are pleased to have helped Darren. Now confidently in control of his finances, we have continued to support Darren and his many thriving businesses.

If you’re behind with your tax returns, get in contact - we can help!